Century Number One 2018

I rode 106 miles and climbed over 5000 feet with these amazing faces:31531094_10108071242801533_6407273330519319038_n.jpgand it’s probably hard to tell from our smiling faces, but this photo was taken at mile 100 … for me, anyway – some of these folks were already at mile 120 (I opted to drive to the meeting place instead of take the extra 20 miles to ride there and back)! We rode through Tiburon, Larkspur, San Rafael, and Nicasio before the feature climb called Marshall Wall – a series of ascents in increasing intensity leading up to a peak with an unobstructed view of the valley we just emerged from.31129630_998980646927960_1430952858143948800_n.jpg Using a new technique, I thanked my legs (out loud) everytime I got a sense of pain or soreness and it seemed to help keep the pain at bay – imagine that!

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