KARIZ MATIC is my real name.

Q: Is that your real name?
A: the way i understand it, my parents decided (my mom probably started it) some time before i was conceived and probably after she met my dad (or maybe she sought him out just for this purpose), that they would name their first kid Kariz, whether it was a boy or girl and apparently I won the lottery.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: (I think what you really want to know is “what are your siblings’ names?”) I don’t want to steal their stories because they are all really interesting and if you just got to know them through me, it would be a shame that you wouldn’t really get to know them. So, go out there and find them and ask them about their names: Matthew Matic (mathematic), Michael Otto Matic (really) and Paris Matic (prismatic).

Q: What’s are your parents’ names?
A: (I normally hear this as a polite way of asking “do your parents have strange names, too?”) My mom’s name is Charity (aka Caridad) and before she married a Matic, her last name was Albaladejo (apparently, most people feel clever enough if they can pronounce it). My dad’s name is Noel (aka Manuel) – his parents were not as adventurous as mine.

Q: Are you married? [What was your maiden name?]
A: I am married. My maiden name is Kariz Matic, just like my married name.

Q: What’s your husband’s last name? (You could hyphenate)
A: My husband actually has a full name, but since you’re asking his last name is Garner. His first name is McKay and yes, that is his first name. He’s an amazing artist and can be found on www.mckaygarner.com (shameless plug for my awesome husband). You’re right, I COULD hyphenate.

Q: Do you have kids? what are their names?
A: I have one super awesome daughter. Her name is Kariel Matic Roberts. I had her when I was really young and at the time my sappy self waaayyy overpowered my now over-dominating-always-TRYING-to-be-clever self.

Q: Do people ask you questions about your name all the time?
A: Only when I’m around them (people).

Q: Well, are you?
A: Is that really a fair question?

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