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Century Number One 2018

I rode 106 miles and climbed over 5000 feet with these amazing faces:31531094_10108071242801533_6407273330519319038_n.jpgand it’s probably hard to tell from our smiling faces, but this photo was taken at mile 100 … for me, anyway – some of these folks were already at mile 120 (I opted to drive to the meeting place instead of take the extra 20 miles to ride there and back)! We rode through Tiburon, Larkspur, San Rafael, and Nicasio before the feature climb called Marshall Wall – a series of ascents in increasing intensity leading up to a peak with an unobstructed view of the valley we just emerged from.31129630_998980646927960_1430952858143948800_n.jpg Using a new technique, I thanked my legs (out loud) everytime I got a sense of pain or soreness and it seemed to help keep the pain at bay – imagine that!


Weekend Highlight: 80+ miles and a lot of reflection

February was a pretty active month of riding….2018FebStats

but after only a few bike commutes home and 2 spin classes, I mostly took all of March and the first part of April off.

I’m happy to report that I managed to finish ~85 miles (!) on Saturday. Seventy (70) Miles for AIDS Lifecycle Day on the Ride – Marin: A ride simulating one day of AIDS Life Cycle, complete with themed rest stops and vehicle support throughout the day; the rest was riding there (~8 mi) and back from my place in San Francisco.

Group rides and rest stops are always a great place to run into and (very briefly) catchup with other riders. This day was particularly special because I hadn’t been on many group rides in a while so I’ve been away from my bike peeps. I also forgot that this simulation is a great way to get me excited about the week of riding coming up in just a few short weeks – eek!


I started the day with a small back ache, but after taking some ibuprofen and overloading on electrolyte drinks, by lunch my back was feeling numb to the pain and it came with a very calm all over feeling. After having my my post-event fried chicken sandwich, I felt good enough to ride home so I did. Other than needing to urgently pee, I made it home without too much pain. I ate, showered and immediately passed out.

The following day I realized I forgot to stretch so I spent the day alternating between stuffing my face with food and stretching out my legs and my back, all while getting my TV binge on… I never even made it out my front door to do laundry – a task for this week, I suppose. I thought about writing this blog, but it was really just a day to sit still and veg out. After doing all that nothing (even though I still felt guilty about it as I let the hours pass), I went to bed early, wishing it felt as glorious as it actually really was.

Even though this is my 3rd AIDS Life Cycle, I’m still looking forward to the surprise of the ride. I wonder how my body will serve me during the week; what new relationships I will develop during the week, what friendships I will reinforce; what will trigger my first and last cries of each day; who I will get to share meals with; what meditations will work with which hills I’m climbing. I’m also really looking forward to sharing it with you.



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