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Second Etsy listing!!!

Eventually, I’m just going to post them up there, but I am still slow at it and it is still really exciting to complete my projects and be able to get them up there, so, check out my second etsy posting. I hope you enjoy the purse.

This time, I also used a “model” for my purse – I found a dress form at a thrift store that was closing down. I haven’t yet decided whether I am going to keep it or sell it, but I thought she can be useful in the meantime.

I also decided to start selling some stuff on ebay again. Here’s a link if you want to see what I’ve got up there. (Of course, I’m a bit more excited about my etsy stuff since every piece, so far, has been somewhat of a labor of love).


Hello, Etsy!!!

DSC04709 I made a purse this week (with my own pattern!) and finally got
my first Etsy posting
off the ground. Yayy! I’m worried about all sorts of things, and I can probably write it all out and psych myself out, so I won’t… anyway, it’s out there now. So, there.



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