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Thanks For Your Support

DSC03112 (It’s a Picture of my first cake)

‘Just wanted to send a quick update to my last post about the HPSpace contest. The first round of selection for the contest is over and, unfortunately, I did not make the short list. I DID get to see a bunch of cool videos from others who entered and I really enjoyed making mine. I wanted to extend A VERY BIG THANK YOU for your support, both on and offline. I feel really great about my first try and although I am, of course, a little disappointed in not going to Singapore, I am still really excited for everyone who did make it and I’m even more super excited that I really put myself out there for it – even spammed a lot of you for views and ratings! While I’m also grateful for the messages of love, encouragement and commiseration, I’m not really that bummed about it and now just excited for the next challenge! So, let’s get to it!


Can I Be Your Favorite Contestant?

Muguboka RestaurantSo, HP Space is hosting a Singaporean TV game show that is looking for creative talents in their contestants and they’ve asked contestant hopefuls to send them a 1 minute video, which they post to their site for the general audience to view, rate and comment on. I was able to put together said video, which you can find here.

Besides the excitement of going to Singapore, I’m looking forward to engaging in new creative challenges so I would love the opportunity to participate in this show and would really appreciate your vote by viewing my video (as many times as you want), adding a rating and a comment, then sharing the link with others.

To rate and comment on the video, please register on the HP site. There is a “SIGN UP” button on the top right corner of the screen that looks like this:


Thanks for all of your support and A VERY BIG THANKS to those who already viewed, rated and added their comments!!!



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