tad 2011-10 & -11: Nothing To See Here

TAD 2011-10 crafting = epic fail this week, but i have been getting my geek on (yayy!). spent my TAD time yesterday taking an electronics class, so nothing to show for it (wait – is there a way to see where ohm's law is now -finally- etched into my brain?). who wants to send me some techshop giftcards?

TAD 2011-11.1 also still working on the followup to ann darrow, but i have made several beginnings now and still unhappy with the results so i can't show you that either.

TAD 2011-11.2 I like keeping my hair outta my face, but haven't yet found a place that doesn't make me feel like i've wasted precious time for a haircut and i struggle parting even with $10 for one. so, once upon a time i bought some haircutting scissors and between my 2-3x/year haircutting visits  probably why I haven't found a good place, yet), i trim my bangs to feel like i got one anyway. it's always a little crooked, but now i can see you better.

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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  1. 20110212 at 00:52

    I added a horribly lit picture to the copy I posted to my blog: http://princesstefer.blogspot.com/2011/02/tad-10-muh-hair-aka-boring-post-about.html Hair is totally a thing!! And colouring twice + the tinsel certainly took up a lot of my time yesterday! LOL

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