tad 2011-06: here’s the thing…

my TAD time is spent on other things lately and i have been lagging on the actual making of things that have more than the fleeting feeling of acomplishment. just in time since my neighbor, a fellow TADer, and I will be hosting a "Thing Today" on 2/13… for me, it was originally a mid-month renewal of my ThingADay "vow" (this is my 3rd year and this was a lesson learned from the previous 2 that I could really use one of these), but I have been so slack on my things all month (except for Ann Darrow) that this may just end up being more like a kick in the butt.

speaking of lagging… i'm not only about an hour behind and it's not so much a thing, but the plan for it, rather. finished the evite for our event this coming sunday and sent it out. if you live in san francisco and want to have an in person collective sprint day, come on over!

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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