(15) Knitting Needles (for Socks?)

‘Wanted to go with a bigger picture so I can show my sharpie handywork (the stripes).

IMG_0296 A few weeks ago, just before TAD started, I posted some instructions on how to make knitting needles. Then, yesterday, while buying veggies for our shabu night, I found a 100-pack of bamboo skewers! I can’t post how much that bag cost me for fear of present receivers seeing how much I spent on their present (just remember, if that’s you – there was and effort investment post-purchase). Anyway, these make perfect knitting needles for those very thin yarns (used, I think, for socks) – and the best part… they are skewers for bar-b-que, so they are already pretty smoothly sanded with the expectation that you may be inserting them into your mouth. I supposed you could still do that, but I still prefer that with the meat option. I still used the sandpaper – mostly on the tips I shaved.

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