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2010-05: The End Of What Feels Like A Long Journey


while it is good to know
i can carry on
irregardless i resist
to embrace the lone venture
your enduring hospitable warmth
is sort of familiar
enough. that
breaks my melancholy
still not quite a spoonful
makes a cold bed
i gladly wind up
chasing sunlight
although it will not be
until it is dark
i will eventually be
worn and ready
to greet my own face

-writing on my flight back home(SF). Trips in the last 2.5 months:

1 week in LA for Thanksgiving
3 weeks in NC for Christmas
1 week in LA for my baby’s 21st
3 weeks in NC for work

So ready to be home in SF with my bed, my things and my person.


2012-03: Imporsistinent Q&A

A. Might I have lamented Posterous in haste? B. Has WordPress changed the way its group postings work?
C. Is anyone else trying to post to two blogs by email and having problems getting it to post to Thing A Day?
D. How can a Thing A Day author mark a featured image when you post by email?
E. If you can follow a Thing A Day author when they like your post, how can you follow them BEFORE they like you post(s)?
F. How’s it going?
G. Any San Franciscans want to meet up for things on days after Sunday?
H. What do you feel when your thing is done?
I. Do you prefer running out of time or running out of things?
J. What keeps you awake?

Answers to other questions, in case you can use them
11. I don’t know
12. Fuschia
13. No, the other one
14. 15 (but not like in crosswords)
15. plastic, but can you try to fit it in one bag? (bonus points for counter-questions?)
16. <repeat the question in the form of a question> (degrading extra bonus points for each recursion; degrading extra bonus points; degrading)
18. <repeat the question in the form of an answer, like this: "Really.">
18. Yes, this one
19. I really hope so

and answers I gave today:



Met up with some cousins for dinner in Durham (pic is my meal from Dame’s Chicken and waffles) so today lists foods often or recently on my mind (for eating, making and experimenting)

1. eat
1.1 soondubu+brown/purple rice+panchan
1.2 sour fish head soup (sinigang bangus)
1.3 roast duck egg noodle soup
1.4 pork (any kind, really)
1.5 whole fried fish (I really like it with refried beans and rice)

2. made in the last week
2.1 bread
2.2 salmon
2.3 tzaziki
2.4 cucumber salad
2.5 pizza

3. Ingredients I like playing with/need to play with more:
3.1 nopales
3.2 flour
3.3 chiles
3.4 cabbage
3.5 potatoes


TAD 2011-*-27: ‘scatchup time


tad 2011-???-20: Weekend Survey

did not quite conquer iOS (yet), but rocked Sketchup like a mofo (that's the coffee talking at 2AM PT).

pics of successes when i get permission to post.

(pssst – you know who you are if you happen to be reading this – can i post pics of the sketchup i sketched up?)

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day


tad 2011-15: up here! (high 5, if you prefer)


tad 2011-12, -13, -14: Drawing; still blank.


tad 2011-10 & -11: Nothing To See Here

TAD 2011-10 crafting = epic fail this week, but i have been getting my geek on (yayy!). spent my TAD time yesterday taking an electronics class, so nothing to show for it (wait – is there a way to see where ohm's law is now -finally- etched into my brain?). who wants to send me some techshop giftcards?

TAD 2011-11.1 also still working on the followup to ann darrow, but i have made several beginnings now and still unhappy with the results so i can't show you that either.

TAD 2011-11.2 I like keeping my hair outta my face, but haven't yet found a place that doesn't make me feel like i've wasted precious time for a haircut and i struggle parting even with $10 for one. so, once upon a time i bought some haircutting scissors and between my 2-3x/year haircutting visits  probably why I haven't found a good place, yet), i trim my bangs to feel like i got one anyway. it's always a little crooked, but now i can see you better.

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day


tad 2011-09: let’s call it kirigami

i may not have another thing after a busy day today, so here’s my contingent thing (not 30 minutes of work, but it’s what i’ve got right now and maybe all day) … the battery-powered charger i made yesterday fits neatly into this altoids box, but you have to cut out the bottom end for the usb connector to fit through. i traced out the shape of the connector, added space to clear the lid and used some metal cutters (much bigger than i needed, but it was all that was around the house) to cut it and some pliers to bend it in place. in the process of seeing if it would fit, i accidentally broke the connecting leads for the battery, so i will need to resolder that later. meanwhile, tada!


tad 2011-07 & 08: recharged

day 7: i may have hit my low point yesterday – there's always one day during the Thing A Day sprint when i just have nothing. hopefully that was it. i did only sit down at about 11:45 to make something, so that probably had something to do with it…anyway, i looked at a room full of supplies and nothing. moving on…

day 8: went to make:sf tonight to practice my soldering skills to make one of these – it's a portable charger for my phone; takes 2 AA batteries, rechargable OK. got a tour of Tech Shop SF while i was there – this was how i envisioned my dreamhouse, actually. anyone want to gift me a yearlong membership?

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day



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