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(26) More Flowers

More of the same fabric. A flower pin (a little messy on the back)… Maybe someone’s birthday present. MAYBE a better rendition.


(25) Fabric Roses

I answered a Craigslist ad for some free fabric. WOW!!! I got A LOT of frabric. So, now I can play with it without being afraid fo running out. really.


Post Slacker

Slacking on the posting… Here’s what the dog’s been doing to my homework:
(18) Organized kitchen cupboard to make room for 8 bottles of Imahan Goma Dare.
I’m a bit shabu-shabu obsessed at the moment and building the perfect shabu night at home has been thwarted by finding a comparable goma sauce. When we finally figured it out, we went back to the store from where we first bought it, only to find out that the store had closed down and reopened as a new store that happens NOT to carry this particular brand.
We, then, drove to nearby stores and discovered that the market that previously occupied said store in previous paragraph was the only one carrying this particular brand of sauce because they used a different distributor and this was a special import (or something to that effect). But not to worry – we can find this store elsewhere on the west side of town…
So, off we went, West of Downtown LA (very lala land for us on a normal driving day, but we were committed to finding this sauce). We went to another 3 stores and finally found said store!!! (You’d think this saga was over,but this was only Sunday and I’m writing about Wednesday).
We walked over to the sauce aisle and rejoiced when we found the shelf label for the Imahan Goma Dare!!! Looking just a centimeter above that label, we found the back of the shelf with no bottles of sauce in between! PANIC! We asked the manager who told us to come back on Wednesday when their fresh new shipment of sauce would be waiting for us there.
Fast forward to Wednesday – we drove to yet another one of these said stores (okay, it was Mitsuwa) and purchased 8 bottles to ensure a sturdy supply in case of attack. I know the final day wasn’t much (buying and stocking the shelf), but it was a DAY 18, several days in the making.
photo(19) Shabu with friends (of course we had shabu-shabu). I only really prepped the veggies, but I did make dessert. This is strawberry parfait: layers of Vanilla Yogurt, Crushed graham crackers, whipped cream and fresh chopped strawberries, layered in quantities catered to each guest’s choice. (Note: I tried a new yogurt because it was on sale and found that, athough still good, it was not as tart/tangy as the Mountain High brand that I usually use and didn’t offer the same kind of contrast to the rest of the flavors).
IMG_0318(20) SLACKER! I took a nap that ended up being a fall-asleep-on-the-couch-and-somehow-find-myself-on-the-bed-at-3-in-the-morning-with-all-of-my-clothes-still-on kinda nap, so I really did in on
(21) 2 things for my cousin’s baby shower. A nursing pillow and a Ox-themed card for the Year of the Ox.



what a month! let’s see (i actually made a list of things to blog about and still haven’t gotten around to it… let me try to summarize:

  1. successful 18th birthday party planning, through a nasty sinus/lung infection
  2. made a neck warmer that had so many iterations and ended up being pretty plain in the end
  3. came up with my own mac and cheese recipe:
  4. made a sock monkey:
  5. made a cape
  6. made a pincushion
  7. got our meat slicer (ya, shabu!)
  8. watched a lot of craft shows and cleaned up the dvr to only record the ones i liked (sorry, sue hausmann – i will pick you up again when i am more advanced and can follow you – i am just currently overwhlemed by your amazing skill level)
  9. sewing machine died (and oogling a bunch of new ones while i borrow my mom’s spare – what a horrible time to break down – just as i am actually starting to use it)
  10. got a road bike (yayy!)
  11. fish eye soup (soooo good!)
  12. started going to bike oven
  13. made some knitting needles and lived to tell about it
  14. oh, ya – and joined thing-a-day



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