AIDS Lifecycle Team ALCAholics

It’s my 3rd time riding AIDS Lifecycle and I’m once again riding with TEAM ALCAholics. 2018-01-27-08-35-50-e1518715193267.jpg
In case you didn’t know: it probably looks like we’ve misspelled Alcoholics, but the team is actually named after the the commonly used acronym for AIDS Life Cycle. Our slogan is “we keep coming back” and I think now that I’m in my 3rd year, I do definitely consider myself an ALCAholic. I’m proud to be in an all-inclusive team with such a diverse group of people. AIDS Lifecycle calls its community the “love bubble” and this team is my personal love bubble in the ALC love bubble.


I’m especially excited that, this year, there are more women that have already joined our team. Their strength and stamina inspire me and makes me want to get even stronger to be able to keep up with them! Here’s a photo of the first team ride I’ve joined where the women outnumbered the men. It was beautiful day to climb Hawk Hill.

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