I’m riding my bike from SF to LA as part of AIDS/LifeCycle!


From Jun 5 – Jun 11, I will be participating in AIDS/Lifecycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 

You may already know that I have always loved riding my bike. In recent years, I’ve also discovered the rewarding feeling of riding long distances and thanks to many new friends, I have learned how to climb hills (go slow and stop as often as needed to enjoy the scenery), go on camping trips (the only gear you really need is food) and how to ride in the city (ride in big groups preferrably with music and in costume)! As an asthmatic, I used to think many of these things were out of my reach, but thanks to so much love and enouragement, everytime I reach a new milestone my confidence grows and I continue to stretch and surprise myself every day. So, it seems a fitting celebration to take my longest ride yet, camping out for 6 nights with  ~2000+ new friends as I wrap up my first 40 years on Earth (this ride ends just before I turn 41 so it is also kind of like an early week-long moving birthday party!)

This ride is not going to be easy: it will require countless hours of training and preparation. I have committed myself to doing this the first half of 2016 to make sure that I’m ready for this experience. To ride, I must also raise a minimum of $3000, but I want to try to do a little better so I’ve set my goal to $5000. So, this is where I NEED YOUR HELP and I’M ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT by donating as generously as you possibly can. Your contributions will help provide life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. To the people who rely on these services to survive, every dollar counts; every dollar also brings me closer to being able to participate in this amazing experience. 

THANK YOU for making this event possible for me and for being the support I need to cross the finish line on June 12. Let’s make a difference together!

When you’re ready, feel free to visit my rider page and support my ride: http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/karizmatic

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