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tad 2011-03: Ready for her closeup (well, for her scene, at least)


tad 2011-02: RUN!!!

i actually spent my tad time making myself a marathon training calendar. nothing fancy – just one page calendar dates moving towards the SF marathon and target distances below them … my plan is to run and finish the half marathon. i can still train for the full one, but i don't know if i'm ready to make THAT kind of commitment (i really just wanted to cross the golden gate bridge). well, i've run out of time to do anything else and it's 2/3 already. maybe i can give ann darrow more features tomorrow.

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tad 2011-01: Ann Darrow

It's my first attempt at a crochet "sculpture" and I'm making it up as I go along, so I don't have a pattern (I will try to recreate that later). I'm trying to keep her limp for her upcoming scene, but I do feel like she needs a bit more body. I will finish up her legs, add some fullness to her arms the same way, give her hair and maybe a face and then make some kind of dress at some point. Meanwhile, here she is partially completed – I positioned her by my cappuccino cup and saucer for scale.

Without any specific number of stitches, the rough process:

– I'm using an unevenly spun flesh-toned yarn with some loose pinkish fiber "clumps", about an inch or two in length spun into it ever 3-4 inches or so
– Starting where a hip connects to one leg, I chained enough stitches to a leg length I wanted, then came back up the chain in stitches with increasing length (slip, single, half-double, double – slipped at the knee).
– When I reached the end of the chain, I slipped stiched along the last double crochet, to reach the beginning of the chain and made another identical chain as the first leg and came back up the chan the same way (ending up with 2 connected legs)
– I made several rows of single crochets along both posts of each leg's last double crochet for the hips – increasing with each rown, then decreasing to mark the waist.
– The torso is a continuation of the waist, beginning with a ch3 making 2 sets of 4-double crochet bobbles for boobs and ending with a double crochet.
– From there, I chained a length to my liking and just like for the legs, worked my way back up the chain for the arm, then doing a couple of dcs on top of the torso, then doing another chain-and-dc return for the second arm.
– The head is made much like the hips and torso, with several rows of single crochet, with increases and decreases at each row for rounded shaping.
– Slip stitching my way back to the neck area, I connected both sides of the head, to give it some dimension with a chain + slip stitch.
– To reinforce dimension on the body, I added 2 rows of double crochets to the back and joined the waist with another chain+ slip stitch.
– I wanted to have a more "rounded" shaping on the butt, so I added double crochets, connecting them to the chain at the waist.
– Finally, I've finished one leg by slip-stitching both sides to "round" out her shape.

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