To Posterous or not to Posterous

I thought I'd just use Posterous for the ThingADay posts, but I've found it especially useful to post via email. I'm sure I can do the same on WordPress, but I just found a site explaining how to configure mine and it's very late now my mind is a little too tired to digest… so, I thought I'd cheat and send this to my TAD auto-poster and let it do its WordPress magic. Thoughts I want to put out there:

1. I'd like to know if my swap partner has received their swap in the mail yet…??? Is it OK to say who it is now?
2. Last week, I decided to make more stuffies. So I'm now in the process of deciding which (stuffed) animals I'll be making next and knowing very little about them, I've had to do a lot of looking around… I don't even really know where to begin looking, so I've done searches like "animal kingdom" and "animal classes" and clicked on a bunch of links several layers down from that. I just realized how many animal websites I've visited in the last 2 weeks and probably learned more about animals in that time than I have in the last 30 years. It is a foreign curiosity, but currently I am compelled, so I press on.
3. Is there really going to be a summer TAD? What happened to the weekly? How's March going for you?

OK, so tomorrow (or when I get around to it next), I will read the WP config again and probably leave Posterous for the next TAD adventure (we'll see). Until then, if you want to stay in touch, find me here www.karizmatic.com

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2 Responses to “To Posterous or not to Posterous”

  1. 1 Jen
    20100314 at 23:20

    Hiya 🙂 Greetings from NYC! I’m your swap partner and I did indeed get your package. I’ve been meaning to write you. The package arrived a little while ago and I did not expect such a big box! Thank you so much for the goodies – you were quite generous 🙂 I just took pictures of the yarn.. Not sure what to do with it yet but the color is really pretty. I’m starting to think the double-sided yo yos may end up being Christmas ornaments.. haven’t figured it out yet. Did you get your package?

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