tad 2010-26 OX

I had a craft party just before moving to SF and my friend, Ferrie, brought 3 boxes of fabric of all types and sizes. I couldn't figure out what to do with the small pieces and just didn't want to throw them away…I've just recently realized that they are perfect for making stuffed toys like this one. It's an OX!

4391067056_e3be173bb9_b.jpg 4390298181_aacf682b21_b.jpg 4390298485_8679f26b5a_b.jpg  4391067424_b1a178c76e_b.jpg 4390298625_828ec46c33_b.jpg

I actually didn't have enough of one color to make this, but I really dig how the combination of the 3 colors came together (parts from the same scraps: head and belly/bottom; horns and tail; body). Unlike the elephant and mouse I did a few weeks ago I decided to skip the pattern and free hand the shapes on this one and sew it by hand (I don't know why; I just felt like it). I also used the shreds of scrap fabric from the cut outs as part of the stuffing. Finally, I crocheted the nosering, left a long tail at the end and used the tail to sew it into its nose. (I say it because I assume the recipient will name it; are there girl oxen?) I used the same yellow yarn to "brand" it with my initials on the bottom.

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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