tad 2010-25 Soon Devoured Tofu

This (soon dubu, aka korean tofu stew) is my favorite dish ever. PERIOD. There is something so special to me about the heat of the dish, both in flavor and in temperature. I love the arresting chokes on the first couple of bites from what feels like the chili flakes scraping my throat raw and the heat that radiates throughout my body when I take a bite of a whole piece of tofu. I cheated a bit and used dashi stock instead of making homemade fish broth. I DID used my homemade kimchi for the veggies. I was sweating the whole time I ate this thing and had to take a shower right after eating it from the stink of sweat and garlic. Alas, I can't wash the garlic scent in my breath (sorry to anyone I happen to see and come into close contact with in the next couple of days). I'll probably make some other "thing" today, but I'm not sure I can make anything else today that will make me feel as proud.


from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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