tad 2010-24 Double Sided

I think these are double-sided fabric yoyo pendants (I haven't added any attachments like pins or hooks, so what they will eventually be is TBD). one picture is the opposite side of the other)

4386987232_5842d04460_b.jpg  4386224639_93304caa68.jpg

A thought: last year I didn't know TAD was only one month long and was sorely disappointed when it ended. This year, I've been a little more prepared, but somehow it doesn't seem any less sad. If anything, I think I am just sadder a little sooner. Anyone else getting the blues about it?

(On the bright side, since I'd like to try ending on a positive note, i dished out a bit of that kimchi I made yesterday to my neighbors today and just got a thank-you-it-was-good-with-my-dinner-tonight email, so it must have been good!)

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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