TAD 2010-21 scarfing up. some korean.

1. trying to finish a scarf form a sweater i unraveled that was supposed to be the love of my life's valentine's day present…worked most of the day on it and it's almost done… here's a progression:

4378179210_f111504381_b.jpg 4354389832_b1efeff0da_b.jpg 4378143862_560c0d24e2_b.jpg

2. i also made bibimbap at home today and wanted to throw a question out there… i chickened out and bought an already mixed vegetable pack at the korean market today that came packaged with kochujang (red pepper paste?). it was OK, but didn't have the proportions of each ingredient i wanted and would have been great to make my own… i keep reading that i have to blanch the veggies in separate pots of boiling water… has anyone ever done it in the same pot? does it screw up the flavors? if you've done it, is there a special trick, like the order in which i can put the veggies in that will let them keep their flavor? any other tips/tricks? also, is there a web resource where i can see the differences is between the large selection of kochujang paste in english? (i know, i really DO wish i could read and speak korean – it's on my list!)

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