TAD 2010-19 Conducting Efforts


OK, so I got some conductive thread (CT) for Valentine's Day (what can I say, I'm a nerdy girl!) and it finally arrived in the mail today. YAYY!!! First project I wanted to try was to make our gloves iPhone-friendly. I sat the thread in between a known working battery and LED and it worked! So, excitedly, I went straight to work – immediately I had problems threading the CT into my needle and it ended up unraveling the thread so, now I'm working with 4 loosely spun conductive yarns. These loosely spun yarns created a knot while I was threading my first pass and I ended up having to cut about 1.5 inches of the thread just to cut loose from the crazy knot! With all that happened, I wanted to make sure it was still conductive, so I used the glove to sit between my hand and the iPhone and tested conductivity – still works (whew!). I'm still having some challenges: when there are frayed edges on the iPhone side, it works great, but who wants a black glove with silver hairs growing out of their thumb? So, I cut the edges to clean it up and it stops working. So, I thought I'd post it up here in hopes of maybe some pointers from others who've used this before (???). It's probably just my imagination, but it also seems to work better the closer my touch point is to the iPhone contact point. Any insight/pointers out there?

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