tad 2010-12 Valentines (Early Post!)

Wow – I don't usually get my TAD done until the end of the day, but I needed to clean out my workspace (along with my mind) this morning so I thought I'd go ahead and get this posted now, too.

I moved from LA to SF in July and, fortunately, know the new residents in my 2 old addresses, so every couple of months, a package comes in the mailbox with accumulated old mail. It's mostly junk mail, but yesterday's package had a Christmas Holiday card in it – the design on the outside was really beautiful (sorry – I forgot to take a pic before I took it apart) with silvery swirls and red doves and with the Christmas holiday so long gone already, it instantly made me think: Valentines Redux. I cut up the card into a bunch of hearts that framed parts of the original card's design, glued it onto some rich purple paper (ya, it looks more maroon in the pic, I think) and used a lilac heart-shaped insert for the message (and I'm only a little bummed about the glue marks – how do you paper artists do it?).

P.S. If you're a recipient of one of these cards and you happen to read this post, sorry for ruining the surprise.

P.P.S. Thanks to Marge for the calligraphy pens!

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

1 Response to “tad 2010-12 Valentines (Early Post!)”

  1. 1 Kat
    20100215 at 04:57

    I just love those!!!
    I don’t know how others do it, but with my paper stuff I use glue sticks now – easy to get just the right amount on the paper without smudging. Rubber cement worked great for collages, but can be hard to use on thin papers. I should do some research and see what “real” paper artists do. Actually I met one today but didn’t think of it. Her stuff is so cool – teresadowner.boundlessgallery.com

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