TAD 2010-02 Dinner! (Pictures)

Potato Spinach & Cheese Enchiladas
Note: Ingredients are indented in the instructions
(hopefully, Posterous and Gmail will get along and accept my formatting)

– Mix, using the same unit of measure for all ingredients and mix with these proportions

.75 Cayenne
.25 Black Pepper
2 Paprika
4 Coriander

4 Oregano
8 Cumin

Enchilada Sauce
– Mix
1tbsp flour
.5-1 tsp seasoning
– Toast over medium-high heat
– Add and blend to sauce
1tsp oil (i like olive oil)

– When fully blended add

1 can of tomato sauce

– Keep on heat for another 5-10 minutes to fuse the flavors

(it's really best when used the next day, but i wanted them TONIGHT!)

– Preheat oven to 375 Degrees Farenheit (190.5 Celsius)

To make the potato and spinach filling,
– Sautee (adjust proportions to taste, these portions are what I used today)

.25 clove garlic
2 large potatoes
8 cups uncooked spinach

  adding one ingredient at a time and seasoning with each addition


– Line a baking sheet/pan with Enchilada Sauce

For each enchilada,
– Heat one of the 
6-12 corn tortillas (less or more, depending on the size of your baking sheet/pan)

– When warm, sprinkle some of the
2-4 cups shredded Mexican Blend Cheese (also good with Mozarella!)

  and add a spoonful of the potato and spinach mix


– Rub a little bit of the enchilada sauce on the inside of the tortilla and roll it up to encase and seal the filling
– Add to the baking sheet with the seal side facing down

When the baking sheet is full,
– Add enchilada sauce and shredded cheese to the top of the enchiladas

– Bake for 20 minutes or until the consistency of the cheese is to your liking
  (maybe even broil it at the end if you want the top crunchy)

Final Note: I like this with Mexican Rice (maybe another day) and some refried beans (from the can). Someone else who eats my food also likes it with sour cream and shredded lettuce on top.

from karizmatic’s posterous, thing-a-day

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