A Short Walk from Home

San Francisco The only way to come back to this blog is not to try catching up. It’s been an incredible, hectic, fun, happy, frustrating, anxious, excited couple of months and I don’t even know how to put it all on one message that can sum it up without writing a whole blogvel (blog/novel). All I know is that more stuff happens every day and if I even think about catching up, I will probably never blog again. That’s that.

It’s been really foggy right in the middle of summer, but I can’t really complain. I live 5 blocks away from Golden Gate Park (2 museums, botanical gardens, Strawberry Hill – where this picture was taken!, Conservatory of Flowers…..), about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean (but it has been too cold for me to really even take off my socks before i even make it anywhere close to water) and just a few blocks from a really fun neighborhood called 9th and Irving (centrally located, well, at 9th Ave and Irving St) in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. As if that weren’t enough, there is also a park 5 blocks away and 10 flights of stairs up called Grand View Park that offers near-360 degree views of SF – on a clear day you can see Marin on one side of this small park and Daly City on the other.

‘Meeting all kinds of great people, exploring parts of SF I didn’t even know existed. Just having tons of fun amidst the move-in/setup madness. See you soon.

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