Bike To Work Week 2009

20090201-giant-rs920May 11-15 is Bike to Work week, and this week is promoting more than getting everyone to bike to work, but to find alternative modes of transportation (train, bus, rideshare, walk, etc).

If you’re just hearing about it now, I encourage you to join the festivities – start with the Bike Month Specials Page on the League of American Bicyclists website to find events happening near you.

If you live in Los Angeles, there will be refreshment stations around town all week and several evening gatherings you can bike/bus/train to. You can also pledge online on MTA.net to win cool stuff like a new bike!

If you MUST drive to work EVERY DAY this week, you can still follow those links to find out how you can safely share the road with your friendly cyclists. (Who knows – it may get you excited enough to try one day this week or the next one!) See you on the streets!

1 Response to “Bike To Work Week 2009”

  1. 1 Kat
    20090518 at 19:24

    You’re so awesome for doing that!
    I tagged you on my blog.
    Thanks again for Sunday crafternoon, I’ll send you some pics this week!

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