BarcampLA7 – thanks for CATURDAY

I met a bunch of (and didn’t get to meet a whole bunch more) SUPER AWESOME people at Barcamp LA yesterday. A geekfested fantasy wonderland!
I watched nerdy girl, @baconqurlyq, talk about AIBO (Sony’s robot dog), comfortably navigate through command lines to get her robodog to perform! perform! for us. Then, later, I got to talk to her at a side table and found out that she was a crafter too! AND she lives near my neighborhood! BONUS!
‘Attended a session delivered by @tara called “Your Tweets Suck | Let’s Play a Game” and joined (and worked through) a game of Twitter Jeopardy (Followed a bunch of them on Twitter this morning when I woke up at 5AM and then watched them “waking up” as they followed me back – that was even more entertaining and exciting than I thought it would be).
Ran into @susankitchens in the kitchen as she was pouring her last bit of self-brought coffee; she shared it with me (thank you!) and I was lit pretty much the rest of the day! (In fact, I felt it this morning when I woke up) That coffee was amazingly strong (or am I really just that wimpy?) and it was just in time for me to deliver my own talk…
I decided to deliver a very short presentation on this year’s Bike to Work Week. Only problem was, I was so hyper from the coffee and nervous in general that I
1. completely forgot to mention the best part of Bike to Work Week – You can make a pledge on metro.net and win prizes (like a vacation!)
2. left my presentation feeling like I didn’t really connect with the people who actually showed up to my presentation! – this bummed me out the most once the coffee wore out. I don’t have enough bike friends and how much cooler could that have been to have nerdy bike friends?!
So, I’ll do my best to remedy that on the user group. And, if you were one of those folks who came to my talk
1. THANK YOU for not leaving my talk with tumbleweeds
2. Here’s my Bike To Work Week PowerPoint Presentation if you wanted to see it again and connect to the links I mentioned – they’re all embedded on the presentation.
3. Please contact me and let’s go biking!
The cookies I brought seemed to be a hit, too 🙂 I met a slew of other super awesome creative-innovatives, felt completely at home and was super inspired. I really needed that! Thanks, Barcamp!

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