I miss you blog

DSC04777Ok, SO I have been seeing other microblogs (BrightKite, Twitter). It’s because they are easily accessible through my phone – I only even really need to post on Brightkite and it takes care of Twitter and Facebook for me. Not to worry, though – your posts are still updating on Facebook, in its very own tab (I checked to make sure). And, look, if it helps you feel better, when i’m posting on Brightkite, I’m thinking of you, WordPress. Really.DSC04778
So, I really wanted to try something with all that crazy shiny pastely green fabric I got loads and loads of and I ended up making this “scarf”/”collar” thingie. My first attempt was with the legs of some of McKay‘s old pants – it was a bit too short after all that pleating, but it was a good starter. ‘Gotta go make sweets for Barcamp. Who’s going?

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