Happy Birthday, Yvonne (Delayed Broadcast)

Are these images too small? It was out friend, Yvonne’s birthday last week and I wanted to make her something. I spent a couple of weeks mulling it over and could not think of anything I would make that she might want to use! (Sorry, Yvonne!) So, I woke up the morning of her party, really still wanting to make something and still drawing a blank. I was also feeling bad because about a year ago, she started planning for this birthday and wanted to invite a couple of friends to celebrate it with her in Hawaii. Being the slacker I can sometimes be, I never really committed to coming along.
So, she did end up making plans to go but she ended up having a birthday bash instead, courtesy of Holland and Kristen (hubby and sis). It was awesome – we had some very yummy food and in a nutshell it was a party of meat and cupcakes. We ate, we laughed, we ate, warmed ourselves by the firepit while the sun was still out, ate some more, played scattergories, and then ate some more. Did I mention we ate a lot of food?
Well, I decided to make her an island-themed birthday card. I’m particularly excited about how the “happy”, “birthday” and “YVONNE” came out because it was 6 in the morning, i had not had my coffee and i did not pencil it in before i cut out those shapes – Yes, I did it FREEHAND! (is it obvious that I’m proud of it?) I’m in fact so excited about it that I’m posting a bigger one below so you can have a closer look. (I guess I should have taken individual pictures of the shapes, too, but it’s what I’ve got so there – incidentally, as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that the coffee i had today appears to be kicking in).

Bonus: The only picture I took at Yvonne’s party is of McKay and Pieter. Just two dudes. Hanging out.

1 Response to “Happy Birthday, Yvonne (Delayed Broadcast)”

  1. 1 Kat
    20090419 at 00:40

    Love the card!!! You did great!!! Will you show me how to do that?

    Love that pic, too, very cute!

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