Meet my new nephew, Sebastian

IMG_0409Hello, World!!! Meet my new nephew, Sebastian Anton Michel Cruz Echavez. (That’s me on the right meeting him for the first time)
He was born on Wednesday, 3/25/09 1:10 AM PT, weighing in at 6lbs 7oz, 19 inches long, to
IMG_0411 proud parents, Amanda and William.
I got to leave work early enough to get there in time for visiting hours yesterday (Friday) and brought some Korean food for dinner: beef bulgogi, pork bbq, spicy beef soup and lots of consomme and panchan… Sebastian was well-behaved despite us stinking up his hospital room with it!!!
Lola Lili and Lolo Percy made it through the crazy LA traffic just before visiting hours ended and we passed baby Sebastian around in between bites of bulgogi :). We stayed almost until 10PM (thank you for not kicking us out, hospital staff!)

9 Responses to “Meet my new nephew, Sebastian”

  1. 1 Amanda
    20090328 at 17:44

    Hey Cousin, thanks for the warm welcome to our little boy as well as the yummy Korean food. Sebastian was so happy to meet Auntie Kariz for the first time. You forgot to brag about getting the first smiley picture with him, though. Lucky! Anyway, hope to see you and the rest of the family soon. 🙂

  2. 20090328 at 17:57

    I didn’t want to rub it in…but since you brought it up! Yeah!!! See that smiles pic? ya, it was his first one and it was with me 😉

  3. 20090328 at 21:37

    Aww, Sebastian is such a cute baby, he is smiling in every picture! I am sure Amanda and William are proud to have a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations! 🙂

  4. 4 Uncle Noel
    20090329 at 05:53

    Hi Sebastian!
    You really look cute and happy smiley!
    Welcome to the family!
    May all your sweet dreams come true!

    Uncle Noel & Auntie Dada
    ps, you look like your dad’s baby pirtures…

  5. 6 Yvonne
    20090329 at 06:07

    he’s so cute! what a cute picture of him smiling with you!
    congrats on the new family member!


  6. 7 Kat
    20090330 at 06:29

    Beautiful! What a sweet boy & nice post.

  7. 20090419 at 20:50

    Sebastian Burps!

    (sorry about last post, I guess I can’t embed youtube videos on your blog.)

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