what a month! let’s see (i actually made a list of things to blog about and still haven’t gotten around to it… let me try to summarize:

  1. successful 18th birthday party planning, through a nasty sinus/lung infection
  2. made a neck warmer that had so many iterations and ended up being pretty plain in the end
  3. came up with my own mac and cheese recipe:
  4. made a sock monkey:
  5. made a cape
  6. made a pincushion
  7. got our meat slicer (ya, shabu!)
  8. watched a lot of craft shows and cleaned up the dvr to only record the ones i liked (sorry, sue hausmann – i will pick you up again when i am more advanced and can follow you – i am just currently overwhlemed by your amazing skill level)
  9. sewing machine died (and oogling a bunch of new ones while i borrow my mom’s spare – what a horrible time to break down – just as i am actually starting to use it)
  10. got a road bike (yayy!)
  11. fish eye soup (soooo good!)
  12. started going to bike oven
  13. made some knitting needles and lived to tell about it
  14. oh, ya – and joined thing-a-day

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