Hello, Blog

OK, I really want to blog. I’ve been hesitant because I feel exposed, but I am feeling a little more adventurous, so here I go…

I’m a serial hobbyist (it’s currently a career aspiration). I like to pick up new hobbies, study them intensely for some time and discover other hobbies I’d like to learn about along the way and once I’ve spent some time on it, I move on to one of the other things I have discovered that have made it to my list of things to explore. So, this will probably morph into many other things, but at the moment, I am interested in and intent to write about the following (not written in any special order):

  • People (this one is a constant; I’m always excited about meeting new people)
  • Crafting – bead jewelry making, knitting, crochet, sewing (I’d like to learn screen printing and soap making this year)
  • Cooking AND Eating
  • Biking (or alternative modes of transportation and excercise – it falls in both categories and I am generally interested in both categories)
  • Organizing (it’s a compulsion, but I’ve made it a career, so most people call it a skill)

On that last point, I’ve recently realized that my arts & crafting have been very haphazard, so unlike my very structured corporate self. In the time I’ve been pursuing it, I have been more than frustrated most of the time and I thought to get myself more structured, so my first task for this year was to convert the skills from my office self and transform the crafter in me to the KarizMatic, people and organizationally-obsessed hobbyist.

My daughter, Kariel is about to turn 18 (Jan 9) and my goal this week is to survive and give her the best party I can afford (using her wish list).  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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